What types of fences provide more privacy?

7 January 2016
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If you want to have more privacy in and around your home, the first thing you should do is rethink the type of fence you have. There are some fences that provide more privacy than others based on how they are built. Here are some different types of privacy fences to choose from.


Wood is a very popular option for fences in general and can also provide you with a few different privacy options. If you only want a minimal amount of privacy and an inexpensive fence, you can choose a latticework fence or a picket fence. These are traditional styles that offer you the benefit of having a wood fence while also making it more difficult to view your home. However, if you want more privacy, you should choose a wood fence where the slats are closer together. These might cost a little more to build or have constructed for you, but they are an excellent way to feel more comfortable in your home and yard.


Another great option for a privacy fence is to get one made of bamboo. When bamboo fences are constructed, the bamboo poles are usually attached to each other. While this is not great for a security fence, it can provide a good amount of privacy where people on the street or driving by can't see right into your yard. There are different forms of bamboo used for fences, including rolled bamboo, bamboo cane and live bamboo. You may be able to buy the fence in small sections you put together, or you can get it custom made for your property.


If you like the look of wood fences, but you want to save money and have a more flexible fencing material, you can choose vinyl. Vinyl fences are often made to look just like wood, but you won't have to deal with potential pest infestation or rot from water damage. Vinyl is extremely flexible and can handle a lot of weather conditions. They can be made with slats that are close together or as solid pieces for maximum privacy. Vinyl is also low in maintenance, though you won't be able to paint the fence a different color like you can with wood.


Your last option is to get an aluminum fences combined with wrought iron. The slats of the fence are made of aluminum, which is low-maintenance and budget-friendly. However, the frame and pots of the fence are made of wrought iron, which keeps it nice and sturdy and can also provide better security along with privacy. This can help you save money and have a long-lasting fence at the same time.

For more information about each of these options, contact a local fencing contractor.