Installing Aluminum Pool Fencing Like a Pro

14 January 2016
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A pool can be a great addition to any property because it can be used for entertaining but also offers aesthetic appeal. In order to ensure that safety is always maintained around your pool, it is recommended that you install some type of pool fencing. You can choose from a variety of different fencing types, but aluminum pool fencing is designed to be both affordable and durable. Before you install an aluminum fence around your pool, it is important that you are aware of the most helpful pool fencing installation tips that are designed to make the process much simpler.


Once you have configured the layout of your pool fencing, you need to stake the spots where you want the poles to be located. You should mark all post spots with an x design and make sure that the x mark is centered exactly where the pole needs to be placed. Not all posts are designed for the same positioning, so before you stake a post, you need to be sure that it has the proper design to be placed in the corner or end.


When you are placing the posts into holes, it is important to remember that depth is key for gate posts. The posts that are used for the gate need to be deeper than the posts that are used for the fence. The gate posts will have more weight attached to them and should be deeper to allow for more support. If you do not place the gate posts deep enough into the ground initially, you will most likely have to eventually dig new holes over time due to the shallowness of the original gate post holes. Depth is critical for the gate posts, and you can save time by digging deep enough in the beginning.


Securing the posts that you insert into the ground with concrete is a great way to make sure that your aluminum pool fencing will be immobile. However, when you are using concrete to secure fencing posts, you need to be sure that the fence posts are properly anchored. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use a floor flange. Using a floor flange for each post will allow you to insert the post into the flange directly after it has been bolted into the concrete. This is the most secure way to use concrete. It is important that you allow for the concrete to dry fully.

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