Choosing a Fence Style to Complement Your House’s Architecture

3 August 2023
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A home's front fence not only defines the border of the property, but it enframes the house. Thus, consider your home's architecture when building a fence to create a harmonious impression. To help you explore options, here's a quick overview. Period Designs Period houses often use pickets, palisades, crimped wire and masonry designs. Picket fences changed with the times, and there are many variations. Early Victorian versions were simple and plain with flat-topped pickets, while later varieties, such as those for Federation houses, had carved picket heads and stencilled cutouts. Read More 

4 Reasons Why A Privacy Fence Makes Good Neighbours

11 January 2023
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Good fences make good neighbours, and solid privacy fencing ensures both you and your neighbours aren't nuisances to each other. There are many options for privacy fencing, from low-maintenance vinyl panels to traditional solid wood boards, which means you can find a gorgeous fence that complements both your landscaping and the feel of your neighbourhood.  1. Muffles Loud Noise Privacy fencing is typically a solid fencing option, which means it places an unbroken wall between you and the surrounding neighbourhood. Read More 

Reasons to Choose Chain Mesh Fencing

17 June 2022
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Although it is one of the oldest forms of wire fencing, chain mesh fencing still has a place in the modern fencing market, with applications throughout the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. This type of fencing derives its versatility from the fact that it comes in varied materials, heights, wire gauge sizes and coating options to match the requirements of different users and site locations. If you wish to install a chain mesh fence (also called a chain-link or chain wire fence) on or around your property, it helps to become aware of the benefits it can provide. Read More 

Unique Avenues of Finding Reputable Fencing Contractors

10 December 2021
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In the past, a residential property fence was a mere functional feature designed to keep intruders out. However, it is not the case anymore since modern fences improve curb appeal, tie up hardscape design, and enhance a property's value. Nonetheless, a fence can only provide these benefits if professionally installed. It means that you must hire a reputable contractor to replace a fence or install a new one. Notably, most property owners rely on referrals and the internet when looking for a fencing contractor. Read More 

Automatic Gate Opening Options for a Home Driveway

15 July 2021
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Automated gates on your driveway at the front of your property will increase your home's security and deter intruders. You may wonder what opening mechanism type would work best in your yard? Here is a summary of various choices. Swinging Gates An automatic swinging gate is one option that generally consists of two gates opening on each side to make a large entryway. These gates work like a swinging door on hinges. Read More