4 Reasons Why A Privacy Fence Makes Good Neighbours

11 January 2023
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Good fences make good neighbours, and solid privacy fencing ensures both you and your neighbours aren't nuisances to each other. There are many options for privacy fencing, from low-maintenance vinyl panels to traditional solid wood boards, which means you can find a gorgeous fence that complements both your landscaping and the feel of your neighbourhood. 

1. Muffles Loud Noise

Privacy fencing is typically a solid fencing option, which means it places an unbroken wall between you and the surrounding neighbourhood. A solid privacy fence can muffle loud noises from outside your yard, such as from passing traffic or less-than-quiet neighbours, which makes your home more peaceful. As a bonus, it also helps muffle the noises that come from your yard, such as children playing loudly, which minimises any bother to the neighbours. 

2. Screens Problematic Views

Out of sight can very much mean out of mind, especially when it comes to maintaining friendly relations with your neighbours. Sometimes the yard may not be in the best shape, especially when you are in between landscaping or home improvement projects. Even the normal clutter of living, such as children's toys, can bother some people. A privacy fence hides and contains any mess, whether it's on your side of the fence or on the neighbour's side, which helps everyone get along. 

3. Provides Backyard Privacy

For those that like to spend a lot of time relaxing in their yard, it can be disconcerting to be in full view of everyone that passes by in the neighbourhood. If your neighbour's window looks over your yard, then it can be very uncomfortable. A nice solid privacy fence will allow you to fully enjoy your yard fully, without any concern of spying eyes or other breaches of privacy. Your neighbour's will also appreciate it, especially if you had a clear view into their yard or home before the fence was put in. 

4. Contains Possible Nuisances

Children and pets are wonderful, but your neighbours may not appreciate them running unchecked through everybody else's garden. Although there are many choices in fences that work well to help provide a strong boundary around your yard, a  privacy fence is ideal because its solid construction is hard to climb so pets will rarely escape. Further, the solid fence can reduce interactions with passers-by which can cause a dog to bark or growl. 

Contact a fencing contractor if you are ready to learn more about privacy fencing options.