Automatic Gate Opening Options for a Home Driveway

15 July 2021
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Automated gates on your driveway at the front of your property will increase your home's security and deter intruders. You may wonder what opening mechanism type would work best in your yard? Here is a summary of various choices.

Swinging Gates

An automatic swinging gate is one option that generally consists of two gates opening on each side to make a large entryway. These gates work like a swinging door on hinges. Bear in mind that they'll need enough driveway space to open, so they may not be best on a cramped property. The ground must also be level so that the gate can swing unimpeded. These gates are straightforward to instal and utilise. You can set them up to operate via a remote control or motion sensor.

Sliding Gates

If your driveway doesn't have enough area for a swinging gate, you could install a sliding model instead. These slide along a roller mechanism connected to the fence. They don't arc outwards and suit a compact driveway or one close to the street kerb. Your property, though, will need room along the fence line to accommodate the housing. A benefit of this gate style is that it can be hard for intruders to force open because of the way it's set up to roll sideways. However, the strength of a gate depends on its overall structure and material.

Bi-fold Gates

Another possibility for a compact property is bi-fold automatic gates. Rather than swinging open or sliding to the side, these gates fold open like an accordion. Because the gate bends back on itself in sections, it doesn't require a lot of driveway area. However, for safety's sake, you should make sure the area is clear, so people don't get in the way as the gate opens.

Lift Gates

Automatic vertical lift gates are often used in commercial car parks and warehouses. However, they can also be installed for a residential property. These entrances lift upwards so people and vehicles can move underneath. Because they use air space, they're an efficient space-maximising design for a home property.

Overall, your choice of automatic driveway gate depends on your preferences and the driveway layout and size. Swinging gates are ideal if you have ample room, as they're easy to operate and they create a grand entrance to your home. Sliding gates are better if the driveway is cramped because sliding models slide along the fence unobtrusively. Another way to maximise the space while securing your home with automatic gates is to install bifold or vertical lift gates.