Reasons to Choose Chain Mesh Fencing

17 June 2022
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Although it is one of the oldest forms of wire fencing, chain mesh fencing still has a place in the modern fencing market, with applications throughout the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. This type of fencing derives its versatility from the fact that it comes in varied materials, heights, wire gauge sizes and coating options to match the requirements of different users and site locations.

If you wish to install a chain mesh fence (also called a chain-link or chain wire fence) on or around your property, it helps to become aware of the benefits it can provide. That way, you can make a better-informed decision on whether it is a suitable choice for your specific fencing needs.

Highlighted below are some top reasons why chain mesh fencing remains a popular fencing type across Australia.

Chain mesh fencing is easy to install

Building a chain-link fence is not hard, but it requires careful planning and preparation. 

The job typically involves the following steps:

  • Marking the layout of the fence.
  • Digging up holes and setting the posts with cement.
  • Installing the post hardware.
  • Installing the top rail.
  • Installing the chain wire.

Depending on the purpose and requirements of the fence, you may be able to take on the task yourself, thus saving money on fence installation costs.

Chain mesh fencing is durable

A chain wire fence is manufactured to withstand exposure to inclement elements. For instance, PVC-coated chain mesh fencing offers a high level of resistance to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for use in coastal regions.

Chain link fencing is customisable

Although chain link fencing comes in many standard sizes, configurations and finishes, it can be customised to match your unique requirements. For example, your chain wire can be made a little stronger or longer than standard for increased security. 

Chain mesh fencing is adaptable

A chain-link fence can be taken down and rebuilt just as easily as it was installed. As a result, fence users can adapt their fences to their changing needs without much hassle.

Chain mesh fencing is wind-resistant

Ever wondered why chain wire fencing is sometimes referred to as cyclone fencing? Chain mesh fences offer a high level of resistance to strong winds, hence their widespread use in wind-prone areas.

Chain mesh fencing is preferred for security and surveillance purposes

Want to beef up security and surveillance around your property? A chain wire fence will perform well. This type of fence can be made of heavy-gauge wire and installed as high as possible to ensure maximum security. Plus, its see-through design makes it easy to see both sides of the fence, increasing surveillance and security around a property.

Many people also choose chain mesh fencing because of its affordability. Contact a fence contractor today to request a quote for your fence installation job.