Choosing a Fence Style to Complement Your House's Architecture

3 August 2023
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A home's front fence not only defines the border of the property, but it enframes the house. Thus, consider your home's architecture when building a fence to create a harmonious impression. To help you explore options, here's a quick overview.

Period Designs

Period houses often use pickets, palisades, crimped wire and masonry designs. Picket fences changed with the times, and there are many variations. Early Victorian versions were simple and plain with flat-topped pickets, while later varieties, such as those for Federation houses, had carved picket heads and stencilled cutouts. Sometimes, according to fashion, the fence was painted one colour, and at other times the posts and pickets featured different colours, often borrowed from the house.

Another design, early palisade fences, were relatively grand and ornate, especially on Victorian terrace properties, and they were often set on stone plinths. If you have a Californian bungalow house, you could opt for a crimped wire fence with looped tops or a low brick fence that matches the verandah balustrade.

Fence styles typically echo the house's architecture and features, so if the house is ornate, the fence is similarly detailed, and the reverse is also the case.

Modern Styles

If your property is more modern, complimentary fence styles include those that consist of slats, panels, masonry and tubular metal. Slat fences can be made of aluminium or timber, and the horizontal pieces can be fixed to posts or cement pillars. Unlike the carved tips of pickets or spearhead palisade fences, slat fences feature straight, simple lines that suit modern architecture.

Other contemporary fences are tall masonry or solid fences built of timber vertical panels, which can be painted or stained to highlight the natural grains and evoke a rustic look. The classic palisade fence is another style for a contemporary house, so long as you opt for a fence with simple bars and rails if the home is minimalist.

Metal panel fences provide further choices for modern houses, consisting of sheets of corrugated metal set within posts. These designs can have a vintage look with carved post caps, but plainer posts can give them a current feel. A fence supplier can suggest additional variations.

When you choose the design, consider the level of privacy you want. Palisade fences don't block the view, while panel and masonry styles do. Slat fences provide privacy while allowing for the flow of air and light, thus offering a middle ground. The slatted structure also lets you change the privacy by adjusting the gaps.

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