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25 January 2016
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Get out of your house. Go further out till you can see your fence from the outside. Take a long gaze at it and imagine that was not your compound. Would you really want to visit someone that was living there? If not, pick up your phone and call the nearest fencing contractor (like Amazing Fencing). Below are some of the fencing options you may want to have them put up for you.

Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing is a more traditional method of fencing whereby equally spaced wooden pales are attached by a rail. It is good for homes located in suburbs. The pales could either be pointed or rounded at the top depending on your preference. Picket fencing has that distinct look and is great for marking out boundaries. Moreover, you can complement this fencing by connecting it to the house with a wooden walkway that would give your garden that spectacular blend you are always looking for. Lastly, combine this fence with a well-decorated picket gate for a more beautiful and uniform outlook.

Deer Fencing

As the name suggests, the fencing was primarily formed to keep deer out. However, you can still use it to prevent other animals from getting in as well as keep your pets from getting out. Therefore, it is best for homes located in or near woods with wild animals. A deer fence is simple to construct and can be made from wood, plastic, or metal. This makes it affordable in terms of labour and raw materials. Remember, you have to mount this around your entire compound so that you can block all possible entry spots. 

Split Rail Fencing

It is also known as snake fencing due to its meandering design. Split rail involves the use of timber logs as fencing materials. You can combine the fence with some wire backing in order to increase its sturdiness and security. This makes it ideal for farm homes where animals have to be herded all the time. In addition, you could add some plants and flower pots strategically around the fence too for a more aesthetic appeal.

Pool Glass Fencing

If you have a pool, you may want to enclose it with a glass fence. Unlike a metal or wooden fence, the glass would not only keep debris out of the water, but is will also give you an uninterrupted view of the pool. Moreover, the fence will keep the rest of your backyard from getting wet by splashing water, preventing your plants and floor surfaces from being bleached by chlorinated water.