Helpful Chain Wire Fence Installation Tips to Keep in Mind

12 July 2016
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Chain-wire fencing (also known as chain link fencing) is easy to install on your property. However, the longevity of that fence may depend on how well you know the extra tips that professional fence installers use when performing a chain-wire fence installation project. This article discusses some of those tips. Use this information to achieve the same lasting results that professionals achieve when they install a chain-wire fence.

Dig Post Holes Properly

The best way to dig the holes of chain-wire fence posts is to make the holes wider at the bottom than at the top. This method ensures that extreme cold conditions will not make the concrete that you place inside the holes to expand and be extruded from the holes. The wider bottom of the concrete will not squeeze its way out of the narrow top of the holes that you dug. Keep this tip in mind, and the fence posts may remain stable for the entire service life of that fence.

Give Terminal Posts Special Attention

Not all posts of the chain-wire fence are subjected to the same amount of stress once the fence has been installed. Terminal posts, such as corner posts and gateposts, undergo more stress when compared to the other posts within the fence system. It is therefore necessary for you to pay special attention to those posts that will be subjected to greater forces so that you equip those posts with the ability to withstand the greater stress that they will be subjected to, such as having to withstand the weight of a gate. You can provide that extra strength by digging deeper holes for those terminal posts. Those deeper holes will ensure that the post is firmly anchored into the ground. Some fence manufacturers even provide special instructions about the concrete mix that should be used for those terminal posts so that they perform their role effectively. Adhere to those instructions provided so that the terminal posts don't fail prematurely.

Know When to Install Fence Hardware on Posts

The timing of the different installation tasks is very important if the chain-wire fence is to last. For instance, it may be unwise to start stretching the wire mesh on the posts just after installing the fence posts. This is because the cement mix may not have set yet. Stretching the mesh when the cement has not set may cause the posts to be loose. This can cause the fence to sag prematurely. You should wait until the posts have set before you install the remaining hardware. A day or two may be sufficient time for the posts to set.

Use the tips above to improve the quality of the work that you do when you decide to install a chain-wire fence around your home without hiring experts.