4 Crucial Things to Investigate When Selecting Aluminium Fence Suppliers

26 March 2018
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You can reduce your chance of having any problems if you select the supplier of your aluminium fencing products carefully. This article discusses some of the considerations which you should look into in order to identify the best aluminium fencing supplier.

Origin of the Materials

You should find out where the aluminium fence supplier sources his or her materials. Why is this important? Some materials could have been sourced from countries which don't have strict standards governing the quality of the materials used to make aluminium fencing. For example, the aluminium may have some impurities in it or poor quality paint could have been used to coat the products. Make sure that you are comfortable with the source of the materials before you place your order.

Size of Inventory

Find out how extensive the inventory of the potential supplier is. This is important because it can affect how quickly you can get replacement parts if the need arises. Suppliers with extensive inventory can get needed components to you quickly when compared to suppliers who have to order the needed items from the manufacturer. Visit the suppliers and ascertain the volume of inventory they maintain before you select a supplier for your fencing materials.

Fence Height Options

It is advisable for you to establish whether the supplier of aluminium fencing materials specialises in commercial or residential fencing. Select a supplier who specialises in the type of fencing you want. For example, residential fencing is usually shorter than commercial fencing. A supplier with experience in residential or commercial fencing will have fencing materials in different height levels for that particular kind of property. You will therefore be in position to select the exact option which addresses your needs without violating any applicable laws or homeowners association rules.

Picket Spacing Options

Pickets can be spaced differently in order to suit the needs of customers. For example, pickets with 3-inch spacing may be suitable for someone with a lap dog while wider spacing won't present any issues for a homeowner who doesn't own a pet. Consider the different spacing options so that you select a supplier with the materials which suit your needs.

Take your time when you are performing the research above. Buy the appropriate materials and then decide whether you should install them yourself or hire a fencing contractor for that task. Hire a contractor in case it will be hard for you to dig the fence post holes to the recommended depth in case you have rocky ground on your property, for example.