4 Reasons to Use Glass Fencing around an Infinity Pool

15 October 2018
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If you're lucky enough to have an infinity pool, you should definitely install fencing around the three sides facing your property. There are several materials to choose from, and glass is almost certainly your best bet. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Unobstructed Views

The most obvious reason to use glass fencing with an infinity pool is also by far the most compelling: glass is completely transparent, so you'll enjoy interrupted views. One of the main advantages of an infinity pool is being able to relax in the water while taking in stunning views. When you use glass pool fencing, you can fully enjoy that view even when you're sitting behind the pool. You'll also avoid blocking the property itself from sight, thus maintaining its curb appeal. To take full advantage, choose frameless glass fencing.

2. Matches the Style  

You don't tend to see infinity pools used much on properties trying to foster an old-world charm. Such properties will usually go for traditional sunken pools and natural-looking styling cues. An infinity pool is a perfect fit for ultra-modern properties looking for a luxurious option; if you have an infinity pool, you'll want your fencing to follow suit. Glass is the way to go. It achieves a more high-end look than something like plastic or mesh and a more modern appearance than timber. Nothing goes with an infinity pool like glass fencing.

3. Great Windbreak

Infinity pools can be expensive, but the main issue, once they are constructed, is wind. Since infinity pools are usually set high up above a wide open space, they often get plenty of wind. Choose frameless glass fencing and you'll create an unbroken surface that forms an ideal windbreak. That might not make a difference when you're in the pool, but it should keep the area just behind your pool free from stronger gusts. Since that area will often be used for entertaining or relaxing, keeping the worst of the wind at bay will be most welcome.

4. Easy to Clean

Finally, glass pool fencing is very easy to clean. Since surfaces are largely unbroken, completely flat, and non-porous, all it takes is a quick blast with the hose or wipe-down with a cloth to keep them looking their best. An infinity pool is a strong visual statement, and you won't want any dirt or grime interrupting outward views or ruining one of your home's most impressive features.