Automatic Gates vs. Manual Gates

24 July 2020
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Automatic gates are better than manual gates in that they offer better security and convenience. Manual gates are operated by hand; thus, you have to get out of the house or car to open them. Alternatively, you can operate an automatic gate from the comfort of your car or home. Other benefits are discussed here:

Advantages of Automatic Gates


All gates offer protection by limiting access to a property; however, automatic gates provide better security, as you can add as many security features as you wish. When dealing with manual gates, the burglar simply needs to break through the locks. With automatic gates, you can add features such as digital keypads or an alert system that's paired with an intercom system.

Automatic gates also allow you to open the gates without approaching the gate.


The sight of your gate opening up as you arrive home without manually opening it is amazing. You can also add security features such as sensors which detect the presence of a vehicle and open the gate. While sensors that open the gate when you arrive are great, burglars can manipulate them to gain access to your compound.

Don't add features because of their decorative appeal; be sure to consider if these features compromise security.


On average, automatic gates are more expensive to install and maintain compared to manual gates. However, the additional cost is worth paying for, as you get extra security features that you wouldn't get with a manual gate. You can also customise the gates and add the security features you prefer.

If you can afford the high installation and maintenance cost, then go for it as you will enjoy better security, functionality and convenience. If not, manual gates would be a good alternative. They don't have the best security features and don't offer much in terms of convenience, but they are cheaper.  

Advantages of Manual Gates

Manual gates are cheaper to install and easier to maintain. Automatic gates have many components that could malfunction at any time; thus, they require complex maintenance. Manual gates are functional despite not having state-of-the-art security features. They don't rely on electricity; thus, a power outage will not affect normal function.  

Both manual and automatic gates have impressive durability, but the former tend to last longer. This is because manual gates have no electrical components. With proper maintenance, even your automatic gates can last for a long time.

Contact a company that installs gates to learn more about your options.