The Adaptability of Chain Link Fences

7 April 2021
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Chain link fences provide a highly adaptable type of barrier, which you can adapt to suit your needs and the environment. To discover the various possibilities, read on.


A chain-link fence consists of mesh, posts and rails. You can customise each of these elements to meet diverse security needs. For example, the webbing can use different gauges or wire thicknesses, so you could select a sturdy mesh to secure a toxic chemical plant or a finer fence for a home front yard. The posts and rails consist of metal piping in various diameters with different wall thicknesses. Choose a larger diameter and a thicker wall for a high-security installation. Additionally, you can top off these fences with barbed wire to keep trespassers away.


Just alter the colour of the fence to give it different looks. You could install a silver fence using galvanised steel. Otherwise, connect green, brown or black PVC-coated chain wire mesh to match it to the intended environment. In a bushland setting or park, you could install a green fence. Black mesh creates a sleeker appearance, and brown give a rustic effect. The posts and rails can be powder coated in a matching hue to the webbing.


Chain wire mesh can be used for different purposes. You can enclose your front garden with these barriers to contain children and pets while maintaining an open feel. Or else, you could set up a chain wire fence around a public or private tennis court. What about nets for people to practice ball sports such as cricket? Because the mesh only has tiny holes within the diamonds, it provides an excellent barrier for pets as they won't have gaps to squeeze through. You could create a dog run in your backyard to keep your pets in a specific area. 

The wire mesh comes in rolls that contractors unravel and attach to the post and rails, so it's relatively easy to cover large areas and build high enclosures. They won't have to undertake the major construction work that solid brick and cement walls necessitate.

Thus, chain link fencing is an adaptable form of fencing. You can customise the wire mesh to meet various security needs, and fencing contractors can add barbed wire to the top if required. You can alter the fencing's look by installing different colours to blend the barrier with the environment. Plus, you can install them for businesses, residential properties and sports areas.

Contact a local fencing contractor to learn more about chain link fences.